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    Buy water bottle


    Buy water bottle

    Do you want to buy a water bottle for yourself, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, family and/or colleagues? Then stop looking! At VANN Bottles you have come to the right place. Read all about our drinking bottles, our vision and our three core values.

    Water bottles

    When you buy a VANN water bottle, you can be sure that you have a beautiful thermos flask. In addition, the bottle is made of high quality and has a double wall. The bottle is also made of high-quality stainless steel. Thanks to this combination, your drink stays cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. You can currently choose from no less than six different colorways, available in 500 ML and 750 ML. The colors are black, marble black, marble blue, white, woody and woody pink. In short: something for everyone!


    The amount of single-use plastic is increasingly ending up in places where it does not belong. We at VANN Bottles do not want to walk on beaches that are full of plastic. Our vision is therefore that we are working today towards a better tomorrow. We want to reduce single-use plastic. Buying a water bottle at VANN Bottles means that you contribute to this, just like we do.

    Core values

    VANN Bottles has three core values. First of all, as you have read earlier in this blog, we want to reduce plastic waste. We make people aware that things can be done differently. Buying a water bottle that you can use more often is of course better than a disposable bottle. In addition, we reduce CO2 emissions. When the demand for disposable plastic decreases, it will logically be produced less. This in turn means less CO2 emissions. Finally, we want to offer people a high-quality alternative. Everyone knows that plastic waste in the ocean is a bad development. VANN Bottles offers a high-quality alternative, allowing you to take the first step.

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