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    Reusable drinking bottle


    Reusable drinking bottle

    Would you like to buy a reusable drinking bottle ? Then stop looking further. At VANN Bottles you have come to the right place.


    Ordering a reusable drinking bottle offers many advantages. In addition to contributing to a better environment, they are also very beautiful. We have something for everyone. You can choose from water bottles with a capacity of 500 ML and water bottles with a capacity of 750 ML. You can contact us for no less than six colorways, namely black, marble black, marble blue, white, woody and woody pink.

    Why VANN?

    If you opt for a reusable drinking bottle from VANN Bottles, you save no less than 40 disposable plastic bottles per year. In addition, we also donate 1 euro per sold bottle to the Plastic Soup Foundation. This foundation is committed to plastic waste. It is also possible to print the drinking bottles with your own logo. Finally, you can choose to supply us with water bottles based on private label. This includes its own packaging!

    To clean

    The reusable drinking bottle from VANN Bottles is good for nature, animals and your health. Because the thermos flasks are made of high-quality stainless steel, no bacteria are absorbed. It is hygienic to clean the bottle regularly. We are happy to give you some tips. First of all, it is important not to clean the VANN water bottle in the dishwasher. Instead, it is best to clean it by rinsing it under the tap after use. It is even better to use hot water in combination with a drop of washing-up liquid. If soft drinks, coffee, tea or alcohol have been in the bottle, we recommend that you leave the thermos flask overnight with warm soda water. This will remove all odors from the bottle.

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